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Longest Dunk Wins

Longest Dunk Wins

Dude Wars | OT 24

Dude Wars | OT 24

Game Night Stereotypes

Game Night Stereotypes

Flying RC Car

Flying RC Car

Go Kart Paintball Battle

Go Kart Paintball Battle

Halloween Stereotypes

Halloween Stereotypes

Airsoft Battle 3

Airsoft Battle 3

Swimming Pool Stereotypes

Swimming Pool Stereotypes

All Sports Golf Battle 4

All Sports Golf Battle 4

Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16

Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16


  • Boss Nuggetz
    Boss Nuggetz25 phút trước

    Dr. James: “Now this part you have to stay as still as possible” Garrett: Starts moving his mouth

  • Jason M
    Jason M25 phút trước

    “We are going on a new tour this summer” COVID had different ideas

  • Yosaphat Hari S. W.
    Yosaphat Hari S. W.27 phút trước

    the end of the video really tickled me 😄

  • Randy Thorn
    Randy Thorn30 phút trước

    4:47 Knee To Face

  • Nancy Rutkoski
    Nancy Rutkoski30 phút trước

    Who knew that brothers could be so mean to each other.

  • Strong exe
    Strong exe30 phút trước

    32:40 i heard thats like a toxic gas or something

  • Kimberly Kiser
    Kimberly Kiser31 phút trước

    Aaaaand Dude Perfect has jumped the shark.

  • Macam TV
    Macam TV36 phút trước

    I like this balloon concept, it minimize people cheating 🔥

  • Zixian Zhou
    Zixian Zhou37 phút trước

    You guys can do snooker for the next epi!

  • Madhav Nair
    Madhav Nair40 phút trước

    Editors additions 3

  • Mahmoud Saeed
    Mahmoud Saeed44 phút trước

    اول عربي

  • Mahmoud Saeed
    Mahmoud Saeed44 phút trước


  • NJ Knows
    NJ Knows45 phút trước

    Garrett says the yellow one he’s the purple hoser too

  • Som no
    Som no46 phút trước


  • Mr. Msdgp
    Mr. Msdgp48 phút trước

    Nahhh man dude perfect won’t make a music vi- *gets notified dude perfect makes a music vid*- never mind....

  • b!tch please
    b!tch please50 phút trước

    yall even human?

  • James Mac
    James Mac51 phút trước

    hmmm guy with a dr pepper jersey wins... coincidence? I THINK NOT

  • Armygamer 3.0
    Armygamer 3.051 phút trước

    Can I have a shoutout

  • Nicci Watson
    Nicci Watson52 phút trước

    SO COOL🤩

  • Donny Hicks
    Donny Hicks56 phút trước

    gg my buys

  • Daniel Sawaged
    Daniel Sawaged58 phút trước


  • Cringe kid
    Cringe kid58 phút trước

    The Origins of Get Crafty began here.

  • Ariel 9977
    Ariel 997759 phút trước

    I'll love to see throwing tricks with credit cards or I'd type cards.

  • Jaedon KLB
    Jaedon KLBGiờ trước

    0.58 I can't get over Cody's smile 😁

    IGC_ SPLASHGiờ trước


  • Strong exe
    Strong exeGiờ trước

    cri cri, cri. cri, cri cri cri cri? cri.

  • Erin Golon
    Erin GolonGiờ trước

    Next stereotype is theater Not movie theater just theater Pls say yes to this anyone

  • Logan’s William Gaming
    Logan’s William GamingGiờ trước


    JACOB GAMER ytGiờ trước

    My fav was the olive slicer

  • Jillian Cortright
    Jillian CortrightGiờ trước

    Ack too high :\ Dude Perfect this is too much no music videos should happen no

  • brady Arigo
    brady ArigoGiờ trước

    make another one please

  • Jessica Futrell
    Jessica FutrellGiờ trước

    I watch you guys every day p.s. this is my mom's picture

    JACOB GAMER ytGiờ trước

    My fav was the swingy swing slider

  • Putra Ardi
    Putra ArdiGiờ trước

    Boyband from US 😂👌👍

  • Collin Hill
    Collin HillGiờ trước

    No cool not cool

  • Killian Bush
    Killian BushGiờ trước

    I have a feeling that this song is going to become a big hit. A big one.

  • mohammad tadvi
    mohammad tadviGiờ trước

    now this is music video love from india

  • Crazy EM
    Crazy EMGiờ trước

    AGREE 100%

  • Marissa Pande
    Marissa PandeGiờ trước

    Guys you saw the ac 130

  • Shrek
    ShrekGiờ trước

    Pls make another one of these

  • 暗がり
    暗がりGiờ trước

    how i think i look singing with the boys when we are wasted

  • Crazy EM
    Crazy EMGiờ trước

    Night at the museum is 100% at least my number 2 big dads is number 1

  • Mississippi Sportsman
    Mississippi SportsmanGiờ trước

    3:23 Garrett literally celebrated way too early

  • Brena Rangel
    Brena RangelGiờ trước

    Wish I could give this more that just one like. 😜

  • Charles Benoist
    Charles BenoistGiờ trước

    Great video

  • Yallander
    YallanderGiờ trước

    See this is so them

  • MegaCumBlast
    MegaCumBlastGiờ trước

    They erased the fish flops, they cut out tt’s item

  • DeCicco Family
    DeCicco FamilyGiờ trước

    Why is the video called it finally happened what I thought is that Cody got picked

    VOLUMEGiờ trước

    Imagine watching this when dp is actually old

  • Josh Cady
    Josh CadyGiờ trước

    Sneaky peaky

  • ItzClipz
    ItzClipzGiờ trước

    nobody: 3:41

  • Tactlessword Ace
    Tactlessword AceGiờ trước

    Do country next!!!

  • Josie Mirva
    Josie MirvaGiờ trước

    I kinda think that they could make some awesome music

  • Benjamin Hall
    Benjamin HallGiờ trước

    i hear this song Avery day!!

  • Jennifer Kight Henriquez
    Jennifer Kight HenriquezGiờ trước

    Ćhhjffhguk oku8bfghlujijfhbkviojfmf gg;lkjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkjjjjjjjjjjjdjdjdjdjjdjjjjjxjjxjjxjxjxjjxjxjxjxjxjxjj junior j j jug jxj j j jjxjxjjxjxxjxjxjjxjxjyi;oliohnrethliohni;unobcmd. Hub. February m.

  • Noah Mills
    Noah MillsGiờ trước

    Why did they have to do Coby and Cory like that

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite GamingGiờ trước

    I don’t really do Bottle flips

  • Jack Pace
    Jack PaceGiờ trước

    Every time I feel super full but have to keep eating I think “tingle did it so I can too”

  • Patrick
    PatrickGiờ trước

    20:33 Title card

  • Gaccha XXfinaticXX
    Gaccha XXfinaticXXGiờ trước

    I am from Iowa

  • Sarita Thapa
    Sarita ThapaGiờ trước

    That’s going to be a meme One day 3:03

  • Landon Da goat
    Landon Da goatGiờ trước

    No one: Me: thinking how the ball fell to the ceiling in the first trick ahot

  • matthew albrecht
    matthew albrecht2 giờ trước

    I don't know what the second ping-pong theme song was I forgot but the 3rd 1 Is twinkle twinkle little star

  • Johan Torres
    Johan Torres2 giờ trước

    That cool

  • Ahahaflopps Boo
    Ahahaflopps Boo2 giờ trước

    POV your looking at there most viewed videos

  • Connor-fields13
    Connor-fields132 giờ trước

    2:29 I agree ty. The astros make my blood boil. I hate them so much

  • Tiffany Vondrasek
    Tiffany Vondrasek2 giờ trước

    You should make lacrosse stereotypes

  • Fireball416
    Fireball4162 giờ trước

    We’re is cool not cool

  • matthew albrecht
    matthew albrecht2 giờ trước

    The 1st ping-pong theme song was marios theme song

  • Eli Thompson
    Eli Thompson2 giờ trước

    Just so you know my name is Eli and so I’m a boss

  • T_revTheDino
    T_revTheDino2 giờ trước

    24:59 RIP dorito bag

  • Ege ÇİMEN
    Ege ÇİMEN2 giờ trước

    Addicted to another song;)

  • Kelsey E
    Kelsey E2 giờ trước

    Fighting is my thing

  • Crispy
    Crispy2 giờ trước

    The poster company actually does not have harry potter. 👀

  • Jake Fleischut
    Jake Fleischut2 giờ trước

    at 2:50 coby is INVISIBLE!!!!!!!

  • Cool boy The legend
    Cool boy The legend2 giờ trước


  • damien grimm
    damien grimm2 giờ trước

    basketball 1 on 1 battle

  • Vicxnt
    Vicxnt2 giờ trước

    we love you Cory

  • Video Game Lover
    Video Game Lover2 giờ trước


  • Amber J
    Amber J2 giờ trước

    Dp forever